About Sally

About Sally U. Smith


On a dairy farm, in southwest Missouri, Sally U. Smith grew up reading books. Sally began a summer newsletter for her junior high classmates. She wrote each friend and asked what they were doing. Using a manual typewriter, her dad used in college, and many pages of carbon paper, she snail mailed her findings to her pals. Later, Sally wrote feature articles and a sports column for the Eagle Eye, her high school’s newspaper.


Sally has written over 500 articles for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and online publications. She contributed devotionals and stories to Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers, Along the Way for Teens, Extraordinary Answers to Prayers, 101 Facets of Faith, and Celebrating Christmas. The first book in her Pray to Win Series, Pit Crew: Praying Our Pastors Will Finish the Race is now available on Amazon.com .

As a speaker, Sally engages audiences with her passionate teaching of the Word of God. Church groups, women’s groups, parenting groups, and teens are challenged by her straight forward approach to the urgent issues that press on our everyday lives.


She especially loves to inspire her audience to experience a deeper walk with God through prayer. Sally’s humorous stories will encourage her audience at events, retreats, conferences, and banquets.


Sally holds an M.Ed. in counseling and is an experienced Christian school teacher, guidance counselor, and parenting class facilitator. In her church, she serves on the prayer and impact (outreach) teams.


After several years as foster parents to four, Sally and her husband of 43 years adopted two children who are now young adults. They have one biological child in heaven. Sally became a widow in 2019.